Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feeding the Squirrels

The Willingdon Beach Trail is a very pleasant stroll along the water. The squirrels here have been fed so often they are almost semi-tame. It had been some time since I fed them myself, so I grabbed a handful of sunflower seeds and headed down the trail.

This little fellow was quite territorial. A younger-looking specimen was the first to sample my wares, but with some very loud screeching on this guys' part he was chased off in quick order.

A pleasant way to spend an hour or two on a hot summers' morning, feeding the squirrels and strolling along Willing Beach Trail.

This is a Douglas Squirrel, native to the Pacific coast from California to British Columbia. Quite small as squirrels go, it's a treat to watch them scurrying around. I put my seeds down in 3 places, and within minutes I had my choice of 3 photographic subjects.

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