Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Billy Goat Smith

I don't doubt that every little town in the country has a story of some old character from the past, and Powell River is no exception.
Billy Goat Smith, according to the Powell River Historical Museum, came to Powell Lake around the year 1906, and built a cabin at the head of the lake. His real name, Robert Bonner Smith, gave way to "Billy Goat" Smith, given that he raised goats for milk. He was said to have one of the finest gardens in the area.
No one really knows why he lived as a recluse on the Lake, though several different stories include robbery and murder. After he lost his boat in 1931 he seldom left his property, and with the exception of a few friends, shut out the world. His final resting place, Cranberry Cemetery, is marked by a stone with both his real name and his name in local lore .

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